How much does a borehole cost?

borehole drill yorkshire

How much does a borehole cost in the UK Borehole cost will vary according to local geology and the size of hole Typically, a basic 60 metre borehole (the average depth of a borehole) including the installation of a borehole pump and pressure vessel will cost somewhere in the region of £10,000- £15,000 with an … Read more

We have been drinking the water from our spring for many years without any problems with illness, why should i get the water treated?

laboratory testing water samples

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that people who regularly drink contaminated water build up an immunity to harmful bacteria. Even if we did build up an immunity to one particular type of contaminant, for example E.coli, that would not necessarily mean we would be immune to the harmful effects of drinking … Read more

I don’t want my spring water tasting like town water. Does filtering water alter its taste?

Springhill uv fail-to-safe alarm

When people complain about the taste of “town water” they are normally referring to the taste imparted by chlorine (the same chemical used to treat swimming pools) used by the water companies. Chlorine is very rarely used to treat spring or borehole water, the system of choice being UV Disinfection. UV gets rid of all … Read more

Why should we treat our spring water if we only drink bottled water?

Using bottled water as the main drinking supply to the house can be very costly. (in some instances, litre per litre, branded bottled water can be as expensive as petrol). Unlike drinking spring water, buying bottled water is not very environmentally friendly. On the whole, filtered spring water will taste better than bottled water. In … Read more

We have received a letter from the Council saying that we have coliforms in the water, what does it mean?

Coliforms in water

E.coli and Coliforms are “Indicators” which means they provide evidence that harmful contaminants are getting into the water. E.coli (0157) can, and does seriously harm people, however other viruses are just as lethal e.g. Cryptosporidium. A failed water test is a clear indicator that you need to do something about your drinking water and that … Read more

When washing clothes in the washing machine, the whites come out with orange staining, why?

iron staining in a washing machine

This type of problem normally occurs on borehole supplies and is a clear indicator that the water contains high levels of iron or manganese. The water entering the house may look perfectly clear, however, once air is introduced into the water e.g. through agitation in a washing machine or dishwasher, the iron precipitates and leaves … Read more