Will the selling price of my property be affected if I don’t get my water sorted?

selling and buying property on pws

In the letter that many Councils now send to households that have failed their compulsory water test, the EHO’s (Environmental Health Officers) include the following paragraph “Enforcement action may be taken where the (Private Water Supply) Regulations are breached. We also alert prospective purchasers during searches prior to buying property to any danger or lack … Read more

What are the risks associated with drinking un-filtered spring water?

Drinking untreated water from a private water supply can cause diarrhoea and vomiting

Diarrhoea, stomach cramp, high temperature Diarrhoea, stomach cramp, high temperature nausea, headaches and drowsiness are some of the symptoms that can develop after drinking contaminated water. The worst cases can result in kidney failure. The most recent research into private water supplies (Risebro 2012) confirms that over 50% of private water supplies pose a significant … Read more