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My daughters hair keeps turning green, why?

Water that comes from a spring is likely to have passed over organic matter that makes it acidic. This type of water will attack copper pipe, causing leaks and blue staining of fixtures and fittings. The leached copper will also stain light coloured hair. pH...

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Should I have a UV buddy (alarm system) installed?

Increasingly, Environmental Health Officers are notifying commercial customers that their UV systems need a fail to safe facility. This means that should the UV fail for any reason, for example a power outage, the UV system will cut off the flow of water and sound an...

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What is UV?

UV Disinfection is the approved method for getting rid of harmful bacteria from borehole, stream or spring water. UV will not alter the taste of your water or remove any of its healthy minerals.

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What is a private water supply

Most households in the UK are supplied by water from a public water utility company such as United Utilities, Yorkshire Water etc.. A private water supply is a supply NOT provided by one of these companies. Water in a private water supply comes from a borehole,...

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