Geoff Nemec has been certified by CATG to carry out water sampling under the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) scheme.

The private water sampler certification scheme has been set up to provide a framework to ensure that monitoring of private water supplies is compliant with The Private Supplies (England) Regulations 2016, The Private Water Supplies (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 and The Private Water Supplies (Wales) Regulations 2017.

This states that each private water sampler must ensure that each sample is:

  • Taken by a person able to demonstrate compliance with any of EN ISO/IEC 17024, EN ISO/EIC 17025, or another equivalent standard accepted at international level
  • Representative of the water at the sampling point at the time of sampling
  • Not contaminated in the course of being taken
  • Kept at such a temperature and in such condition as will secure that there is no material change in what is to be measured, and analysed without delay by a competent person using suitable equipment within 24 hours at the receiving laboratory, unless the specified method states otherwise

The DWI scheme is based over a three-year certification cycle and this requires the water sampler to:

  • Undergo training – CATG are an approved training body
  • Take a written and practical water sampling examination
  • Complete an on-site audit18 months after the examination
  • Complete a re-certification examination 36 months

The certification cycle is ongoing.