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Borehole Lifts

We maintain, supply and repair borehole pumps and equipment.

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Like any mechanical / electrical system, a borehole can develop problems. In particular, galvanised riser tubes used to support a borehole pump can corrode, especially in areas where the soil is acidic. This type of problem can result in a loss of supply or a reduction in flow and pressure. In some cases, the only way of resolving the problem is to ‘lift’ the pump and replace the galvanised riser with a robust alkathene pipe. This type of ‘lift’ requires specialist equipment (pictured) and skilled engineers.

BOREHOLE BREAKDOWNS - telephone support available 24/7: In many instances we can get a borehole working again by providing telephone advice. If your borehole stops working, contact us and we will do our best to fix your problem quickly and effectively.

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Many new boreholes are drilled each year. A new borehole might be required as part of a barn conversion project or where an existing spring or stream supply has run dry or the yield is greatly reduced.

We stock an extensive range of borehole pumps that are capable of providing an excellent flow of water at a pressure equivalent to that provided by a mains supply.

In many cases the borehole water will need treating to make it fit for the purpose to which it is going to be used. When putting together an estimate you should expect to pay between £800 to £3,000 for filtration equipment.

“Initially contacted Springhill to advise us on a suitable upgrade to our existing water treatment facility used on our caravan holiday park. Ended up sinking a borehole. The borehole is up and running and the water has been passed by the council.”

Caravan Park,

Leyburn, North Yorkshire



In some cases boreholes are drilled to save money. For example, 1,000 litres of mains water costs approximately £1. A borehole can yield up to 20,000 litres of water a day without the need for a licence. In this example, a farm or commercial enterprise could save up to £20 a day (£7,000 a year). At this rate of water usage, the borehole would pay for itself in a few years.

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