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pH Correction

Water from a spring supply is often acidic (less than pH 7) which means it can cause pin-holing of copper pipe and hot water cylinders. This often leads to copper leaching into the water causing discolouration (blue tinge / staining) of sanitary ware and light coloured hair.

Problems relating to low pH are easily resolved by installing a pH corrector. A pH corrector works by slightly increasing the calcium and magnesium content of the water, however it does not alter the water’s natural taste or take away healthy minerals.

Pictured right is a pH Corrector (tall blue vessel) and a Stainless Steel UV and UV Pre filter.

Pictured below is a Compact pH corrector, UV and pre-filter install underneath a kitchen sink.

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Standard pH Corrector with UV and filter

Our pH Correction range is available to purchase from our Warehouse Shop in Mytholmroyd near Halifax.

Replacement parts and filter cartridges can be ordered easily by telephone as we accept all major credit cards.
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We only employ in-house engineers who have received full training. Wherever possible we try to have the same engineer call on the same customers. This means that we can often provide telephone advice, whereby a customer can also speak to the engineer on the phone if an urgent problem should arise.
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In the event of a water related emergency we guarantee a same day response. We repair and service any make or model of equipment including Aquacure, Liff, Culligan, Shakesby, Hanovia, Dab, Wedeco, Cleanstream, Marshalls, Grundfos – and many more.
Tel: 01422 833121

“Springhill have turned a poor quality water supply into one which not only is fit to drink but also prevents damage to the internal pipework. It has gone from being brown and acid to being crystal clear and the acidity has gone. Springhill did everything right, they even came out on a Sunday when we thought we had a problem.”

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Marsden, West Yorkshire

Compact pH Corrector with UV and Filter

The copper pipes keep rotting away and causing leaks, why?

Water that comes from a spring is likely to have passed over organic matter that makes it acidic. This type of water will attack copper pipe, causing leaks and blue staining of fixtures and fittings. The leached copper will also stain light coloured hair. pH Correction adjusts the pH of your water to a level where it is no longer a problem.

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