What should I do if my private water supply (spring, borehole, well, etc.) runs out in the UK?

Insufficiency of supply is where a property no longer has access to enough water for the purpose of human consumption. Human consumption includes washing, bathing, showering, laundry and toilet flushing. If a private water supply should become insufficient due to drought conditions, a relevant person(s) should refer to their contingency plan. Where a contingency plan …

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Don’t get caught out this winter!

Winter will soon be with us and as we all start to think of dressing up warm, it is also time to think of preparing your spring or borehole supply for the drop in temperature. Here we have some simple steps to prevent your water system from freezing up over the winter. Our top tips …

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Water Softener Installation on a private water supply

cabinet water softener

Installation guidance and notes on Sodium Many boreholes will supply water containing high levels of hardness. Where the hardness exceeds 200mg/l a water softener should be installed to protect water heaters and reduce energy consumption.  Sodium is added to water as part of water softening and other ion exchange processes. The taste threshold concentration of …

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I live near a lead mine – will this mean I have lead in my water?

In this video, we look at a horizontal well that is located in an area containing several lead mines. The horizontal well provides water for a large house in the area and had, in the past fed a whole village. In addition to the horizontal well, we also test the water from a newly drilled …

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Buying a house with a Private Water Supply – What questions should I ask?

Written by Geoff Nemec (CIWEM, MSc, CENv) for prospective buyers of properties/homes on private water supplies this document is based on 20 years experience of dealing with Private Water Supplies in the UK. Listed below are several questions that should be asked of the owner of the property through a solicitor or estate agent, or …

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Farmhouse with a spring supply for sale

In this video, Geoff Nemec inspects a spring supply feeding a farmhouse in the hills above Calderdale. The property is up for sale and the solicitors of a potential buyer have asked for a report. In this case, filtration has been installed, is correctly sized and is regularly maintained. This means a Certificate of Wholesomeness …

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UV Telemetry (GSM Text Messaging System)

Daro UV Disinfection with alarm for a private water supply

UV Telemetry (GSM Text Messaging System) Developed by the Springhill Team with input from a major British UV manufacturer, we are able to install a GSM text messaging system that provides a text alert should equipment develop a fault. In many cases, our system can also be used to upgrade existing equipment. Ring 01422 833121 …

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Non-intrusive Water Flow Measurement

Non-intrusive water flow measurement service

Using state-of-the-art clamp-on technology Springhill is able to accurately measure the flow of water from the outside of a pipe. This enables site manager and property owners to identify: Peak flows Water usage patterns Amount of water used (therefore cost) Whether there is a leak and how much water is being lost The graph below …

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Potable Water Tanks

Potable water tanks springhill

We sell, size, and deliver a wide range of Potable Water Tank. Where required tanks that conform with the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Potable Water Standards for the safe storage of drinking water. Starting at 5 Litres and ranging up to 20,000 Litres our Potable Water Tanks are made from polyethylene, which is tough …

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Booster Pumps

booster pumps Yorkshire

We stock, supply, install, service and repair a large range of pumps from many manufacturers. Our expertise lay in pumps used with water treatment; borehole pumps and booster sets. If you require more details on our comprehensive range of pumps please visit our warehouse or call us. Where water pressure is a problem then w …

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