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We at Springhill have been treating borehole water for over 20 years. As Chartered Water and Environmental Managers we believe our borehole water opinions and borehole driller recommendations can be trusted.

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In some cases boreholes are drilled to save money. For example, 1,000 litres of mains water costs approximately £1. A borehole can yield up to 20,000 litres of water a day without the need for a licence. In this example, a farm or commercial enterprise could save up to £20 a day (£7,000 a year). At this rate of water usage, the borehole would pay for itself in a few years.

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Contact us on 01422 833121 if you are interested in switching to borehole water, we will be happy to arrange for our experienced water well driller to visit your property, free of charge and without obligation.

Hughes Welldrillers

D Hughes Welldrillers Ltd is a family business that cover the UK. Darren was trained as a Royal Engineer. He will deal with the details of your enquiry: desk top study, drilling works and pump installation. Based in Calderdale and covering the North of England, Springhill will test the water once the hole is drilled and provide filtration where necessary.


With regard to pricing, a basic 60 metre water borehole when drilled into gritstone, such as is found in Calderdale and parts of Derbyshire, the price, including the installation of a borehole pump, control system and the connection of pipe work, will cost somewhere in the region of £10,000 – £15,000 dependent on local conditions. The annual running cost of a borehole is around £50 – £600 dependent on water usage.

The quotation will include costs relating to mobilisation of the drilling rig, labour, borehole ancillary equipment and support vehicles. All boreholes will include the necessary liners, grouting and casings.

Water Testing

During the borehole drilling process, our water test specialist will visit site and carry out a basic water test. The results of the test will dictate what borehole water filtration, if any, is needed. In some cases, the results from the basic test will not provide all of the necessary information, in which case a more detailed test will be required. The aim is to ensure that the borehole water meets the borehole water supply regulations.

Borehole Pumps

We provide a wide range of services for a borehole supply. In addition to pressure vessels, have a wide range of borehole pumps for sale.

Ring us on 01422 833121 for a free of charge Borehole Driller site survey and no obligation quotation.

“Initially contacted Springhill to advise us on a suitable upgrade to our existing water treatment facility used on our caravan holiday park. Ended up sinking a borehole. The borehole is up and running and the water has been passed by the council.”
Borehole installation and maintenance at a pure leisure caravan park
Caravan Park
Leyburn, North Yorkshire

Borehole Lifts

We maintain, supply and repair residential & commercial borehole pumps & equipment. Purpose built borehole pump lifting gear. Skilled engineers – guaranteed quality. 24hr emergency response.


Borehole Pumps

We stock an extensive range of borehole pumps that are capable of providing an excellent flow of water at a pressure equivalent to that provided by a mains supply.


Filtration of Borehole Water

In many cases the borehole water will need treating to make it fit for the purpose to which it is going to be used. When putting together an estimate you should expect to pay between £800 to £3,000 for filtration equipment.



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