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Commercial Water Softeners

Springhill supply, install, service and troubleshoot all of the main water softener brands. These include Fleck, Autotrol, Siata and Clack. Our extensive range includes simplex and duplex systems.

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Water softener installation specialists

We are water softener installation specialists. Our customer base includes…

  • Domestic properties
  • Calorifier feed water
  • Industrial/commercial water systems
  • Feed water for reverse osmosis
  • Food industry
  • Window cleaning industry
  • Laser cutting machinery

Matthew Wilson. Technical Director

Technical Director, Matthew Wilson has installed and serviced hundreds of commercial water softeners in his 30 years of working in the water softener industry, Matt is considered to be a leading figure in the water softener industry and he regularly presents to industry specialists and Environmental Health Officers.

Geoff Nemec. Managing Director

Managing Director Geoff Nemec MSc(Eng), C.WEM CEnv has worked in the commercial / domestic water softener industry for over 25 years including key roles the world’s leading water softener and filter manufacturers.

Duplex vs Simplex

Water with less than 20 CaCO3 mg/l (ppm) can be described as soft water. A hardness of 100 CaCO3 mg/l is classified as medium hard; 200 CaCO3 mg/l hard, and anything above 350 CaCO3 mg/l as very hard.

Where water usage is high and the period between backwashing is less than a day a Duplex system provides continuous treated water. Put simply, the valves switch between vessels to ensure that one vessel is treating the water whilst the other is backwashing.

Our water softener range is designed to deal with wide variety of hard water situations:

  • Bespoke Solutions – The price of a water softener will vary according to site conditions. Water Softener size and configuration is dependent on peak flow, daily water usage and the application
  • Protects Appliances – Water softeners prevent the build-up of scale inside calorifiers, hot water pipes and inside domestic and industrial appliances
  • Reduced Detergent Use – Softened water reduces detergent use
  • Benefits – Softened water has many cosmetic benefits including softer towels and bed linen and soft water is kinder to skin conditions such as eczema are psoriasis
  • Fully Guaranteed – We guaranteed the performance of our water softener systems
  • All Brands – We install and service all of the main water softener brands including Fleck, Clack, Siata and Autotrol
  • Domestic or Commercial – The Springhill water softener range includes models suitable for installation on a single domestic supply or on a commercial or industrial supply
  • Larger bespoke systems are also available – please ring 01422 833121 for more details
  • Unique Service – Our unique ‘quick valve exchange’ system means that servicing costs are significantly lower than for alternative water filter systems
  • Tried and Tested Technology – Over 30 years of research and development means we can guarantee the performance of the Springhill Water Softener range
  • Guaranteed Results – The Springhill range of water softeners are guaranteed to ensure your water meets the UK and European standards for water
“We have worked with Springhill for many years. Mathew sized and installed our first commercial softener over 10 years ago and Springhill have supplied 5 other commercial softeners since then. The Springhill engineers regularly maintain the softeners and always respond within 24 hours should we have any problems.
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