UV Disinfection Fail-to-Safe Alarm System

Developed by the Springhill Team with input from a major UK based UV manufacturer the UV Disinfection system Alarm system is a UV upgrade that meets the requirement for UV disinfection to fail to safe, sounding an alarm at the same time.

Available in a variety of configurations, the alarm system informs the householder (or nominated person) should the UV stop working.

The UV Disinfection Alarm can be used to upgrade existing equipment or it can be supplied as a complete UV disinfection system.

UV TAG filtration
The image shows a UV with alarm, solenoid shut off valve & text messaging facility

Private Water Supply Regulations Compatible!

  • Audio & Visual Alarm – if fault detected
  • Text Alert System – Signal sent to phone
  • Fail to Safe – Water shuts off if a fault is detected
  • Retro Fit – Fits many existing UV designs
  • Tried and Tested – Guaranteed performance
  • Cost effective

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“Initially contacted Springhill to advise us on a suitable upgrade to our existing water treatment facility used on our caravan holiday park. Ended up sinking a borehole. The borehole is up and running and the water has been passed by the council.”
Borehole installation and maintenance at a pure leisure caravan park
Caravan Park
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