To provide this information, we would first need to visit the site and take water samples. Assuming the test results indicate a Pass on all the key parameters we would then need to write a report.

If the sample fails then we would need to identify the relevant remedial action required and once the work is carried out, re-test and update the report.

As a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, I find that my report is credible and sufficient for the lender’s needs.

Increasingly we are seeing lenders looking for a report for reassurances regarding private water supplies before they will release funds. In my experience they often ask for the following:
– recently taken water sample test results that include a microbiological and basic mineral test
– written confirmation that the equipment installed at the property is properly sized and maintained
– an expert report on the sustainability of the supply. This would require a site inspection.
– a written report that identifies the suitable alternative water sources should the supply fail. This would require desk research into the local geology and a search to see if there are any viable alternatives in your area.

There are a number of other options available to buyers/sellers should they not want us to provide the full report. In the first instance, they might want to contact the Environmental Health Department and see if they have test results that show the water has met the required standards in the past. They then could send this to the lender. They could also ask the Environmental Health to comment on the supply and provide a report. However, in my experience we find that that the EHO is unlikely to provide such a report as they realise they would be taken on a legal responsibility along with liability should the information be inaccurate.

We test your water and provide the results in the form of a Water Quality Report. Assuming the sample passes, this can be sent to the lender. However, this option would not include any analysis of the results or comments relating to the regulations or the reliability of the source.

For more information relating to Water Reports for Private Water Supplies, please email us at or ring us on 01422 833121

Geoff Nemec MSc CWEM CEnv
Managing Director of Springhill Water