Non-intrusive Water Flow Measurement

Non-intrusive water flow measurement service

Using state-of-the-art clamp-on technology Springhill is able to accurately measure the flow of water from the outside of a pipe. This enables site manager and property owners to identify: Peak flows Water usage patterns Amount of water used (therefore cost) Whether there is a leak and how much water is being lost The graph below …

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Potable Water Tanks

Potable water tanks springhill

We sell, size, and deliver a wide range of Potable Water Tank. Where required tanks that conform with the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) Potable Water Standards for the safe storage of drinking water. Starting at 5 Litres and ranging up to 20,000 Litres our Potable Water Tanks are made from polyethylene, which is tough …

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Booster Pumps

booster pumps Yorkshire

We stock, supply, install, service and repair a large range of pumps from many manufacturers. Our expertise lay in pumps used with water treatment; borehole pumps and booster sets. If you require more details on our comprehensive range of pumps please visit our warehouse or call us. Where water pressure is a problem then w …

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My daughters hair keeps turning green, why?

Water that comes from a spring is likely to have passed over organic matter that makes it acidic. This type of water will attack copper pipe, causing leaks and blue staining of fixtures and fittings. The leached copper will also stain light coloured hair. pH Correction adjusts the pH of your water to a level …

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UV and pre filtration explained in less than 5 mins

private water supply water testing

In this short video, Geoff Nemec, Managing Director of Springhill Water explains why UV pre-treatment is necessary on a private water supply such as a borehole or spring. He also explains the importance of water testing and the various filtration options available in the UK.

Questions to ask before buying a house with its own private water supply

selling and buying property on pws

Buying a house with a Private Water Supply We strongly recommend that prospective buyers of properties/homes with there own private water supplies read this document. The primary source of this advice is the drinking water inspectorate website. Key questions The questions listed at the end of this document are designed to be asked of the …

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How does UV light disinfection work?

private water supply water testing

Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is the preferred method for disinfection of small supplies except Ultraviolet irradiation Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is the preferred method for disinfection of small supplies except for larger schemes in which it is necessary to maintain a residual disinfectant during storage and distribution. UV disinfection efficiency is particularly affected by water quality and …

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Arsenic In Drinking water: Academic overview

Treating arsenic in drinking water

Arsenic in Drinking Water Arsenic is a metalloid element that is found from time to time in water sources in the UK. Its toxic properties are well known, although it has many industrial uses, including wood preservatives, glass and semiconductor manufacturing. Arsenic in drinking water is a major problem in some parts of Asia such …

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