Don’t get caught out this winter!

Winter will soon be with us and as we all start to think of dressing up warm, it is also time to think of preparing your spring or borehole supply for the drop in temperature. Here we have some simple steps to prevent your water system from freezing up over the winter. Our top tips …

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I live near a lead mine – will this mean I have lead in my water? In this video, we look at a horizontal well that is located in an area containing several lead mines. The horizontal well provides water for a large house in the area and had, in the past fed a whole village. In addition to the horizontal well, we also test the water from a newly …

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Non-intrusive Water Flow Measurement

Non-intrusive water flow measurement service

Using state-of-the-art clamp-on technology Springhill is able to accurately measure the flow of water from the outside of a pipe. This enables site manager and property owners to identify: Peak flows Water usage patterns Amount of water used (therefore cost) Whether there is a leak and how much water is being lost The graph below …

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My daughters hair keeps turning green, why?

Water that comes from a spring is likely to have passed over organic matter that makes it acidic. This type of water will attack copper pipe, causing leaks and blue staining of fixtures and fittings. The leached copper will also stain light coloured hair. pH Correction adjusts the pH of your water to a level …

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Arsenic In Drinking water: Academic overview

Treating arsenic in drinking water

Arsenic in Drinking Water Arsenic is a metalloid element that is found from time to time in water sources in the UK. Its toxic properties are well known, although it has many industrial uses, including wood preservatives, glass and semiconductor manufacturing. Arsenic in drinking water is a major problem in some parts of Asia such …

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When the rain comes?

clean and dirty water filters

Research shows that Spring supplies are most likely to contain Faecal Coliforms (E.coli) within 3 days of heavy rainfall. The level of contamination is much higher after a long dry spell as the rainfall collects layers of detritus matter that has built up over the summer months. This means that clean filters can become blocked …

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Should I have a UV buddy (alarm system) installed?

Springhill uv fail-to-safe alarm

    Increasingly, Environmental Health Officers are notifying commercial customers that their UV systems need a fail to safe facility. This means that should the UV fail for any reason, for example a power outage, the UV system will cut off the flow of water and sound an alarm (audio and/or visual). In some cases, …

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