Non-intrusive Water Flow Measurement

Using state-of-the-art clamp-on technology Springhill is able to accurately measure the flow of water from the outside of a pipe. This enables site manager and property owners to identify:

  • Peak flows
  • Water usage patterns
  • Amount of water used (therefore cost)
  • Whether there is a leak and how much water is being lost

The graph below shows a Caravan Parks water usage pattern over a 24 hour period. The graph shows the peak flows and it confirms that there is a leak of approximately 8 liters per minute. If this were on a metered mains water supply this would equate to a loss of 11,520 liters of water per day. This equates to around £15 per day (£5,475 per annum).

Plastic Pipe Tracing Service

Springhill engineers are experienced in using various plastic pipe tracing equipment. In some cases, this can lead to the detection of underground leaks.

Leak Detection: An art not a science!

Unfortunately, we are not always able to pick up the exact location of a leak because listening devices cannot always “hear” the water escaping from plastic pipes. We can however trace plastic pipe with accuracy which can significantly reduce trenching or excavation work.

Please contact us and speak to Matthew for more information regarding our Plastic Pipe Tracing Service.

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