Should I have a UV buddy (alarm system) installed?



Increasingly, Environmental Health Officers are notifying commercial customers that their UV systems need a fail to safe facility. This means that should the UV fail for any reason, for example a power outage, the UV system will cut off the flow of water and sound an alarm (audio and/or visual). In some cases, the EHO’s also recommend that telemetry is added to the system if equipment is installed in a remote area. The telemetry module on the UV sends a warning message to one or more mobile phones should a fault occur.

2 thoughts on “Should I have a UV buddy (alarm system) installed?”

  1. We have a borehole and obviously like many EHO have said we need to retro fit an alarm to our UV filter.

    Can you advise us what the cost of this would be, please.

    • Hello
      Thank you for your question about UV alarms. Unfortunately, it is not simply a matter of adding a standard alarm to all UV’s. Alarms have to be connected to volt-free terminals, which only some models have. Even then it may not be possible to retrofit an alarm.
      Please let us know the model of your UV and where you are. If you are in the North of England we can arrange a visit to see what type of system you need. If you do not know the model number of the UV, please send photos as they may help us identify the model.

      Our email address is Or ring 01422 833121 and speak to Jack.


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